About Us

My name is Anthony. In 2002, my wife and I bought the land at Minnicock Lake, where we were drawn to the quietness and tranquility of the wooded surroundings and the sparkling lake waters. The lake is shaped like a rooster, therefore the name Minnicock Lake. It is fed by fresh spring water with a natural shoreline. As agreed and established by the Minnicock Lake Association's Charter, there will be minimal motorized watercraft activity and noise by agreeing to use motors no larger than six horsepower, and the encouragement of electric or four-stroke (low emission) motors, canoes, sailboats, paddle and rowboats. The end result is a quiet, clean and safe lake, habituated with nesting loons with their young ones. It is ideal for canoeists and kayakers. In order to maintain the quietness of the lake and the scenic natural environment, we strictly restrict guests from bringing any gas powered motor watercraft.

Swimming is a pleasure as is fishing for small mouth bass. On a clear night, with most lights turned off, it is magical with an awesome feeling to gaze up the night sky and see billions and streams of sparkling stars, even shooting stars. We have an amazing Creator!