About Minnicock Lake

Minnicock Lake is a small lake that is shaped like a rooster when viewed from above, and hence its name. It is four miles wide and goes as deep as 30 feet. The average depth is about 10-15 feet. The lake is fed by fresh water springs and is clean and unpolluted, and cottagers have kept the shoreline natural.

By agreement, no motorized craft on this lake are permitted to have gas powered engines larger than six horsepower. Electric engines are permitted. As a result the lake is quiet, clean and safe. It is ideal for canoeists and kayakers. Swimming is a pleasure as is fishing for bass and rainbow trout.

Our cottage has a 175' private shoreline with a dock and three boats - a 2-person kayak, a canoe and a paddleboat. In the summer there are lily pads in the shallow water along the shore.